REVD UP is a group of story tellers: Real Electric Vehicle Drivers – Unexpected People (REVD UP)

We tell the stories of real people living real lives with their real electric vehicles. Our mission is to share the experiences of EV drivers from all walks of life who love their cars – and want you to join them in one. We have stories from the people all over the political, religious, and financial spectrum – find the one that connects for you!

Celebrating the REVD UP Life

We aim to answer a few basic questions – how, exactly, does one live without going to the gas station? How do road trips work? Can you take your dog in the car? What’s it like to not have to change oil? How do annual inspections, insurance, tire changes work? What’s the charging time like? Is Tesla really the only company doing electric vehicles? Where do I get a charger?

How many miles a day can I put on an electric car? Can any job really be done with an EV? What made these people switch? (That’s almost never “the planet”) Would any of them go back?

These stories answer all these questions – and more. Submit any questions you want answered below.

Our entire mission is to celebrate and show off what living with an electric car is really like. Our subjects have gone electric and found that it really REVD UP Life. So much that they can’t wait to share!

The REVD UP Difference

Our founders have been driving electric for years – Nissan Leaf, Kia Nero, Tesla. You name it, we’ve driven it. We love the new lifestyle and share it in a way that inspires while de-mystifying EVs. These stories are all here for you, and we hope you connect with them as much as we do. Enjoy!

REVD UP is the newest kid on the block. There are a lot of other magazines, YouTube Channels and websites covering electric cars. They show cars that will never actually be made, or feature car execs showing off something they secretly hope will never find a market.

REVD UP is the only ones which exclusively shows real electric vehicle drivers living their daily lives with the cars they love. These are real cars that people are really driving today. Nurses, Soldiers, Real Estate People, Republicans, Democrats – we have stories showing electric cars are perfect for any scenario.

None of our videos include any car company executives. REVD UP gets no kickbacks or payment from any car company. It’s just real electric car owners sharing real experiences with their real cars.

How to Learn More

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REVD UP is always looking for interesting stories to tell. If you already have an electric car and want us to share your story, please fill out the form below.


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